31 October 2010

what has he done so far?

My friend runs a great blog called Sorry, That User Name is Taken. She posted an article about President Obama's accomplishments in the first two years of his term, and I think it's an awesome article. Normally, I'd just link to it, but I liked it so much, I'm stealing it and posting here on kidTruant as an homage.

Be sure to follow her blog, as she always writes such good stuff. Oh, and she runs another funny blog called Stuff My Computer Says. Definitely worth checking out both.

As a companion piece to the post below, read Maureen Dowd's OpEd piece from the New York Times. I think Obama should read it, too.

11/2 Update: Check out this cool site too: What the Fuck has Obama Done So Far?

With the midterm election just a couple days away, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of President Obama’s accomplishments. A lot of people are focused on the failures of the Democrats and the President. But to those people, I recommend scanning the items, below.
Obama image courtesy Mario Piperni

This entire blog post courtesy of Sorry, That User Name is Taken.com.

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28 October 2010

ok, but can you hear me in 1928?

Have you ever watched a movie and laughed at some old technology on it? You know, like seeing one of those massive old cell phones with the funky large antenna coming out the top that were bigger than most people's heads? Ha ha, they look silly, huh?

What about seeing NEW technology in OLD movies?

Well, Irish filmmaker George Clarke thinks he did. George was watching the DVD extras on the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus" when he came across a clip of a behind-the-scenes look at people attending the film premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. (Clearly, George is a serious fan.)

In one of the clips, he saw a heavy-set woman in a dark coat walking and holding a thin, black object next to her left ear. It looks like she's on a cell phone and talking. In the clip, you see her walking across the background, holding the object up to her ear and chatting, then turn toward the camera... then the scene fades out.

George thinks he may have found the first documented proof of a time traveler. Watch the video below to see for yourself. What do you think? Time traveler? Headachy woman? New Apple iPhone with FaceTime Travel?

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14 October 2010

you say it's your birthday

For your middle-aged birthday Kevin, I hope this day is great, that the next decade is even better than the last, and that life gives you only the best.

Or, I hope you at least get some cake.

Happy Birthday, Kev!

Listen to the White Album on Last.fm.

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12 October 2010

the real kidTruant

Looks like it's about to get more crowded around here.

will the real kidTruant please stand up?

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08 October 2010

happy america day

Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day! Hope you get to celebrate by not working, just like a lot of Native Americans! Cheers!

See More Funny Pictures by Dweebist

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06 October 2010

edgar is always cool

Edgar Alan Bro
Edgar Allen Bro

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04 October 2010

just because

I really love human curiosity, ingenuity and imagination. If it weren't for those three things, we'd all still be grunting over the leg of a gazelle on some grassy plain somewhere instead of reading a blog on the www. (Of course, Crtcl, yes, they've also contributed to some negative stuff, but let's stay positive, shall we?)

I came across this video and was completely taken by it. The video is from a camera (a Go Pro Hero HD) attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space. They used an iPhone to track the balloon upon its return.

Watch the video full screen with volume on... it's quick, it's safe for work and it should inspire you to be curious. All this was done with simple, easy-to-get technology. All you need is the idea and the chutzpah.

One day, if I'm a dad, I hope I'm half as cool as this guy.

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